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Kishor Kumar

Date of creation        : N / A

Size of picture           : 22" x 15"

Medium                       : Pencil on paper 

Kishor Kumar was the second name for sheer enthusiasm. Many generations of Indian youth weaved their dreams in his voice. Kishor Kumar never had any teacher for learning music. He did not undergo even a day of formal training in music. Yet he was the best. His voice would suit any hero, any situation in any kind of movie.

Famous for his eccentric nature, he was a very naughty person. And he remained naughty throughout his life. Even the greatest grieves could deprive him of his smile. There was always a little boy in his self. And it showed in his songs. Kishor Kumar has given the people of India the greatest gift they can have, his voice. A voice so unmatched, a person so charming, versatile, spontaneous and creative. Unfortunately it all came to an end too early. India will always remember Kishor Kumar. There will be no one like him, ever.