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City Lights

City lights is my favourite section, simply because of the sheer pain involved in capturing all these images. I, along with my wife, Aparna, many times battled the harsh European winter cold and heavy rains to obtain these photographs of cities at night. But as you can see, the effort was worth it.

All these photographs are captured with Canon EOS-500N SLR film camera. In all these photos, the exposure time was quite high, ranging from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. Every time, a tripod was used to mount the camera, and a shutter release cable or auto timer was used to fire the shutter release button. Flash was not used.

A building in Edinburge, UK Buchanon Street, Glasgow, UK British Parlament, London, UK
A bridge over the river Clyde, Glasgow, UK Eiffel Tower, Paris Arch de Triompe, Paris

The following photographs were captured with Fugifilm S9500 Digital camera in London in Feb-Mar 2006. I did not have a tripod to mount the camera, but longer shutter speeds like 2 secs were necessary. So I supported the camera with railings and pavement stones. To avoid camera shake during shutter release, I used camera's self timer mechanism.
London Bridge, London, UK Saint Paul Cathedral, London, UK

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