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Flower Photography

Flowers are one of the most photographed species on earth. They are beautiful, colorful , elegant and pleasent. That's why it's a common misconception that flowers are very easy to photograph.

Keeping the flower in foreground in sharp focus, and keeping another one in the background in blurred state has given a sense of depth to this photograph.

While photographing flowers, keeping the depth of field small, i.e. keeping aperture large helps draw the viewer's attention to beauty of flower.

Some caeras provide a "flower" mode, which automatically adjusts the aperture for shooting flowers.

Orchides are a best species for photographing. They come in various colors, patterns and sizes. They remain fresh for a long time, that's why they are gifted by lovers as tokens of long lasting love.

In photographing flowers, if you spot a some bee/insect on a flower, don't waste the opportunity. It gives the picture a unique liveliness.

Last but not the least, do not ignore the background when you are photographing flowers. The leaves, dirt, tree trunks, grass around the flower form an important part of the photograph.

Even if the background is blurred, it still affects the photograph in a big way. It's good practice to make the background as natural as possible. Green foliage and blue skies form ideal backgrounds for nature photographs. Avoid artificial objects to appear in the photograph, unless intentional.

If inclusion of artificial objects is absolutely unavoidable in the background, a good idea is to hold a green towel behind the flower while photographing. It serves the dual purpose of covering the unnecessary background obstructions and preventing the flower to move because of breeze etc.

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