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Lucerne is a medium sized city in Switzerland. Due to its central location and proximity to Alps mountain range, it's a popular place for tourists.

The Pillatus and Titlis are mountain ranges very close to this city, and one has a choice of many excursions to go there. We opted for the one called 'Golden Route'.

The Golden Route is a combination of Boat, Train and Cable car journeys. We travelled for around 90 minutes on boat in the beautiful lake surrounding Lucerne. The climate was cool, but the sun was intense. Soon we started perspiring. It was much hot for us after the cold summer of the UK.

When we got down from the boat, we walked to the train station nearby to embark on the train to the top. This train is specially designed to climb the steep mountain at an angle of almost 45 degrees. The train is constructed in a step-like manner, so that a passenger is always sitting in an upright position, even though the train is climbing such a steep slope.

We reached the top in around 1 hour. The mountain is thousands of feet tall and is completely covered with lush greenery. On the top, there are many restaurants and one big observatory. There are a lot of walking trails. We wandered for the next 3 hours on these trails for miles. It was very hot and sunny for that time. But suddenly, as if by magic, the weather changed and within a few seconds, we had think clouds all around us. The bright and sunny weather suddenly changed to cold and cloudy. We decided it was time to go back.

The cable cars are operated in 3 levels on Pillatus. We caught hold of a cable car and came down by 1 level. We had a nice swiss meal in the restaurant. Every Swiss food item is literally drowned in cheese, and this resturant was no exception. We had our bellies full within no time and we were on our way back, tired, but still very refreshed!!

We borded the first train to Interlanken. Soon we were on our way to Lauternrunnen, our next travel destination.


Aparna and Myself on Pillatus Lake near Pillatus Pipers playing Alpine Horne Ascending Train View from Top of Pillatus View from Top of Pillatus

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